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The installer manages the entire installation process of your software from start to finish.

This page was created to let you know what information we collect, why we collect it and how we use it to improve your experience.

How are we able to provide software?

When you install software, it gives our advertisers a chance to speak to you. ALL OFFERS ARE OPTIONAL. There is no obligation to accept. Simply choose to decline the offer if you are not interested. If you are interested and choose to accept, you’ll help us to offer more software in the future. Again, there is no obligation to accept any offers. You have the option to decline all advertisements and still install and use the software for free.

Our Advertising Program

ALL OFFERS ARE OPTIONAL and there is absolutely no obligation to accept. All of our advertiser's software is 100% safe and secure.


Stay protected while searching & surfing the Web. Never worry about suspicious websites again.

Protect your precious filesfrom accidents. Unlimited cloud backup for all your files.

After installing Adguard you simply get clean, safe and fast browsing. That's just a different web surfing experience.

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