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TweakBit PCSpeedUp

The one solution to all your PC speed issues

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How PCSpeedUp Works

  • DIAGNOSES your Windows system
    Since diagnosis is half the cure

    PCSpeedUp runs a comprehensive checkup on your system and detects
    every issue that may be slowing it down. We have developed powerful
    scanners that zero in on registry errors, fragmentation, incorrect system
    or Internet settings and other speed thieves for a precise verdict.

  • IMPROVES computer speed
    Everything on your PC will work faster

    PCSpeedUp defragments your hard drive, cleans up the registry, tweaks
    system and Internet settings, and speeds up system shutdown to make
    your PC visibly faster. We made this software to bring you real results,
    so that you can enjoy things happening at a faster pace. Guaranteed.

  • SAFEGUARDS system performance
    Add an extra speed boost for real-time effect

    We included automatic tools you can enable to keep your PC running at
    optimal speed. They keep your memory and CPU consumption optimized
    for current tasks, help your files open and save faster thanks to live disk
    management, and reduce computer shutdown time. Learn more

    • Memory Optimization
      With this tool activated, you can get your work done without experiencing any lags from insufficient memory.
    • Shutdown Speedup
      When your PC shutdown time is reduced, you can put your laptop in its case and be on your way sooner than before.
    • Processor Optimization
      It's like getting a more powerful PC without paying for new hardware. You get faster installs, backups and app startup.
    • Disk Priority Management
      Your requests to open or save a file are given VIP status and your drive focuses all its power on executing your task.

Test-Confirmed Results
PCSpeedUp effectiveness confirmed in multiple tests

In addition to extensive in-house testing we conduct when developing our software, TweakBit’s products are frequently evaluated by our partner organizations, industry magazines, technical blogs and independent experts.

In the most recent tests run by, PCSpeedUp produced measurable improvements in many computer performance parameters, including application launch times, webpage loading times and PC shutdown time.

PC used for testing: Intel Core i5-2415M CPU @ 2.30GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 320GB HDD

Expert Reviews

Our tests confirmed that PCSpeedUp does indeed make a PC run faster with improved file copying speed (+29%), snappier opening of files (+33%) and faster system shutdown (+45%)...

Mark Gray,

A Word From Our Users

  • Albert, Sales Rep

    "The IT guy at work recommended this program… I thought I'd try to see if it worked better than what I had before, and I’m happy to report that it does."

  • Marcus C., Zoologist

    "My computer starts up and shuts down in about half the time it used to take, programs open faster, web pages open faster, Skype works better..."

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